Frequently Asked Questions about SerenityOS

Will SerenityOS support $THING?

Maybe. Maybe not. There is no plan.

Will you implement $THING?

Maybe. Maybe not. But you can do it yourself!

Where are the ISO images?

There are no ISO images. This project does not cater to non-technical users.

I did a git pull and now the build is broken! What do I do?

If it builds on Travis, it should build for you too. You may need to rebuild the toolchain. If that doesn't help, try it with a clean repo.

Why don't you use $LIBRARY instead of implementing $FEATURE yourself?

The SerenityOS project tries to maximize hackability, accountability, and fun(!) by implementing everything ourselves.

Hey Andreas, have you thought about live-streaming?

Yes. I prefer the highly focused and uninterrupted format of videos.